Vital C™+E Antiox Serum

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High potency Vitamin C serum formulated to prevent and improve the visible signs of aging caused by environmental aggressors causing oxidation, such as light, heat and air.  Vital C™+E Antiox Serum is designed to improve the look of wrinkles, brighten the skin's complexion, and support the microbiome, while a protective antioxidant system guards against free radical skin damage. 

Contains 20% pure high potency Vitamin C, L ascorpic acid, green tea polyphenols, amino acids and Vitamin E.

Apply to face and neck every morning before applying moisturizer and sunscreen.  May also be used in the evening.

Fragrance free, Paraben free, Oil free, Alcohol free, Hypoallergenic,  Non-comedogenic  1 oz.

Vital C™+E Antiox Serum